Friday, 26 September 2008


AFK Potrait


By doug_clist, CNET Contributor

It is one thing to take a picture of a person, and another to snap a portrait. A good portrait has the ability to convey the subjects' state of emotion, and possibly even reveal a hint about their thoughts. Here are five simple tips for better portraits, so gather your friends and family members for a fun shoot.

1) Depth of field
If your camera has manual controls for setting aperture, adjust it to about F3.5 or below. This creates a shallow depth of field which causes blur background while keeping the subject sharp. This focuses the viewer's attention straight to the subject. If your camera doesn't have manual controls, try scrolling through the scene modes--generally there will be a portrait mode which optimizes the camera's settings for taking pictures of people.

2) It's all about the communication
If your subject is too tense, the picture will probably reflect it. Unless that is the effect you want, you'll have to talk to the person in front of your lens and loosen them up. Crack a joke or talk about the weather. If you know the person well, chat about things that interest him/her. They will start to relax and that's the moment you start snapping.

3) Level it
Get to the eye level of your subject. For children, squat down to take pictures of them. If your adult subject is sitting down, then you need to sit or kneel in order to his/her eye level, too. This makes them more relaxed since they don't have to raise or lower their head to look at you, which may look unnatural (and make your subject uncomfortable).

4) It's in your eyes
They say the window to a person's soul is through the eyes, and this is especially true for portraiture. Try to fix your camera's focus on the subjects' eyes as this creates a more appealing picture than focusing on their noses or ears. If your point-and-shoot has only one focus point, frame the eyes within the focusing box, half-press the shutter to focus (don't remove your finger yet) and then reframe your shot before pressing the shutter button down fully.

5) Environment
If your subject lives in an interesting environment, use wide-angle lens to capture the surroundings in your shot. This will give your viewers a better understanding of the subject and create a more visually interesting picture as well. But don't try to cram every item available into the shot--this may clutter the image and draw attention away from the person you want to portray.

extracted from an e-mail digital photography post to me..

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I was driving along Jalan Skudai-JB on a way home to Taman Sri Pulai from Batu Pahat today. It was already 6.40 p.m and the breaking of fast is just about 25 mintes away.
As I turned into Jalan Pontian, the sun was about to set and the bright ray poked into the eyes of drivers who are heading towards Pontian. I was lucky as I had my polarised sun-glass on ..

The skylight was wonderful and I could not snap the scenery as there are a lot of vehicles on the road - everybody is rushing home to break the fast (I assume..). With about 15 minutes left before Maghrib, I turned into Taman Universiti junction and right to the UTM Technovation Park. I drove to the end, passing two security post and stopped in front of UTM-MTDC Office. At, last I could get a few shots before rushing home to break my 23rd. day of fasting...

Eralier in the morning when I was in front of the office, the sun was about rising. The sun was so bright that it looks as is the is a fire ball hanging from the sky ...


Monday, 22 September 2008


Never Give-up or Despair ...

My house has been a place where tamed stray cats had made their homes. Cats come and go and we try to provide food and shelter whenever we could.
Two years ago my daughter had bought a cat but later on decided decided to leave it at our house. About two months ago, this cat which we called Oren (because of her orange/white colour) had given birth for the third time to five kittens. All the kittens are normal except for one which has only three legs or limbs.

The Balancing-Act

So, since birth, this three-legged kitten has been struggling especially during feeding time where she has to compete with her siblings to milk. She has always been the loser as she had to balance herself only with three limbs. She did not give up that easily... she has to survive... The mother cat normally seen to spend sometime with this 'special' kitten after the other four kittens had moved away. So, there are lessons to be learnt from a cat's family too...

Oren seems tired after feeding time

We will try our best to ensure that this three-legged kitten will pull through the difficult time growing up with her siblings despite her handicap.
As life has got to go on and the survival of the fittest will always prevail so we have to offer our helping hand to assist the handicapped to survive too ...

3-legged kitten struggling hard to clean herself and balancing ...

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I used to remember there was a small surau or mosque at Jalan Templer which I had been to years ago. The mosque has been replaced with a new one and almost 100% completed.
The new Sultan Abdul Aziz mosque was named after one of the earliest Sultan of Selangor. It will be officially used during this coming Hari Raya prayer.

Note : The above photographs were taken using SAMSUNG SGH-D780 EDGE TRI-BAND Handphone built-in 2MP-camera.

P_Jaya 19-09-2008

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Mid-Valley Centre Point

Recently I was in the Mid-Valley Centre Point North, attending a meeting with JKR Officers on a project. The meeting was adjourned at around 7 p.m. and I took the opportunity to buy something to take home.
I was just wondering why the Mid-Valley complex is always full of people. The photos I took explained the reasons..

It is one of the modern shopping complex around the city. With its always full, economy-rate business hotel, The Mid-Valley Cititel, the owner has contructed and currently operates another 5-star hotel , the Boulevard Hotel which was opened about a year ago. So, a shopping complex with two hotels, government offices and condos will make the Mid-Valley a choice for working people to shop, relax and stay ...

AFK/Mid-Valley ..

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Alhamdulillah, yesterday SAFF was blessed when the whole company was invited for an Iftar (Breaking of fast) at Bangi.
By 7.15 p.m, most staff has arrived at the hotel although some were caught in the massive Friday Traffic Jam (including the organisers). However, they still managed to make it to the function just few minutes after the breaking of fast time.
It is indeed a fruitful evening out to all of us and we hope the function will strengthen our ukhuwwah and understanding each other better in carrying out our respective business functions.
To the sponsors (Tn. Hj. Ismail & Tn. Hj. Faisal), thank you very much for the invitation and may Allah shower both of you and your company with success in years to come.


Sunday, 7 September 2008


Since my 50th. birthday falls in the fasting month of Ramadan 1429, I did not expect any cake to be served as what we normally do.

To my surprise, there was a cake bought by my family without my knowledge just to commemorate the day. So, after tarawih prayer, I was asked to cut the cake. So, it was just an occasion where I just serve my family with a piece of cake each and hope this coming of 50 years of age will make me a more matured husband and father.

To my family who has all been with me for the past 26 years, we just pray that that Allah will shower His Blessings to us all.

Every day is a bonus after 50th. Birthday


Saturday, 6 September 2008


Small creatures need to survive too ... looking for food..

On the 4th. of Ramadan, 1429 I drove to Risda Palong 2 Farm/Estate, Negeri Sembilan. I departed from Bandar Seri Putra with my mother-in-law (MIL) and wife at around 3.15 p.m. in a heavy down-pour towards Kuala Pilah via Bukit Putus (Broken Hills). My trip was to break the fast (iftar) at my brother-in-law (BIL) house in Palong Estate and also sending my MIL who want to continue fasting there.

After passing through Kuala Pilah town, Batu Kikir and Pekan Buku Zaaba, we reached the destination at about 6 p.m. Normally, in a good weather and road condition, the journey will just take about two hours. Anyway, that will also depend on the no of lorries you met or have to over-take along the road from Senawang-Kuala Pilah road, road conditions (pot holes, repair works, etc.), your car and of course the driver. Anyway, we reached there when the day is still bright and the rain has stopped somewhere before we reached Kuala Pilah.

As usual, after reaching the estate, I will normally roamed around the Manager's Bungalow (my BIL) looking for objects to see through my lens. Although my BIL said to me there's nothing different from my trip last time (I can't remember when??), I still think I could still capture subjects that I had not fully captured before.

So, testing object on my 55-200mm lense is 11-years old Haikal, my BIL's only son..

So, other items that went through my AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses just before breaking of fast that day are shown here. These are some of the potted plants around the house. My BIL wife is a fond lover of orchids ...

Ladang Palong 3 ..