Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I was driving along Jalan Skudai-JB on a way home to Taman Sri Pulai from Batu Pahat today. It was already 6.40 p.m and the breaking of fast is just about 25 mintes away.
As I turned into Jalan Pontian, the sun was about to set and the bright ray poked into the eyes of drivers who are heading towards Pontian. I was lucky as I had my polarised sun-glass on ..

The skylight was wonderful and I could not snap the scenery as there are a lot of vehicles on the road - everybody is rushing home to break the fast (I assume..). With about 15 minutes left before Maghrib, I turned into Taman Universiti junction and right to the UTM Technovation Park. I drove to the end, passing two security post and stopped in front of UTM-MTDC Office. At, last I could get a few shots before rushing home to break my 23rd. day of fasting...

Eralier in the morning when I was in front of the office, the sun was about rising. The sun was so bright that it looks as is the is a fire ball hanging from the sky ...


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