Monday, 21 July 2008

Images of an Electrical Engineer

I was born in 1958...
Entered Primary One in 1965 ..
Entered Secondary School in 1971..
Went to UK to do A-Level in 1979 ..
Came back from UK in 1982 with a degree ..
Joined JKR HQ in 1982 ..
Seconded to UTMKL in 1985 ..
Transferred to UTM Skudai 1989 ..
Went to Scotland to do MSc in 1992..
Came back from Dundee Scotland 1993..
Resigned from UTM in 1995 ..
Formed SAFF Consultants 1995 ..
Formed SAFF Testing & Supervising Services in 1997..
Working and working ...
Still working as an Electrical Engineer ..
When shall I retire ??
Only God knows ...

Photographs taken during :
Struck by Dengue Fever in 2006 has caused me to be warded in the ICU;
Presenting graduation certs to Al-Fatih Pre-School Graduation;
With wife Norwati Suleiman in Kerteh;
In front of Dundee Univ. building doing MSc.;
Hajj Session 2006;
With the only brother Hilmy during sister Nawal's wedding;
Factory Acceptance Test in France, London & Germany...

Photographs taken during :
Conducting Safety Training at Ethyene (M) Sdn. Bhd. for PASB;
Servicing & Testing of 11-kV System at Nankai Worsted, Terengganu;
With family members during Eid Ramadaan 2006;
KOMTAR JB site inspection;
Testing & Commissioning of USIM Admin. Block LV Board;
Conducting Training at KDRP, Kerteh, Terengganu;
SAFF Special Meeting at Bandar Baru Nilai, 2008 ..

Various images of AFK at different situation and job functions ..


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