Friday, 29 August 2008


Everyday there bound to be some moments or views of the surrounding that captivate our eyes. These captivating views or scenes especially in the morning and evening is worth recording for us to really appreciate the Creator of such scenes.
Enclosed below are some of the scenes which I managed to capture as it came without even planning to photograph them. Although they are not as beautiful or exhilarating as scenes photographed by Professional Photographers, these photos are just starters for me as a beginner to a new hobby (photography).

The view below was snapped when I was driving home through Bandar Baru Bangi on the way home from attending a meeting.

The scene below was captured when I was walking at a lake garden in Taiping. The view of the rising sun over a hill is quite captivating especially looking at its image in the lake. The photograph is not as beautiful as the actual scene.
The second photo is one of the beautiful scenes that made thousands thronged the lake garden every morning and evening. The serene view and quiet atmosphere really can sooth my heart.

The photo below was taken when I was driving to LCCT KLIA to send my son to Australia. After taking the roundabout near the KLIA mosque, I noticed through my car's side mirror and after admiring the view while driving, I stopped by the road side and snapped the scenery.

The night scene below was taken while waiting for someone in front of Econsave Supermaket in Skudai, Johor. The view along the main road towards Majlis Daerah Johor Bahru Tengah (MDJBT) was snapped without using flash. Of course my shaky hand has failed to produce a clearer picture.

This photo was taken when I was making the final inspection on the landscape works in front of the building. The sun was hidden behind the building, just peeping the landscape in front of the building.

I will post other scenes later ..

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