Sunday, 31 August 2008


Most people go the Starhill Golf Resort (SGR) to play golf or attending other official functions such as wedding reception, lunch or dinner. STG is one of the fine golf courses available in Johore. Despite the local golf enthusiasts, the golf course is often visited by the expatriates (mainly the Japanese and Singaporean). Of course there are people who go there everyday because they work there, where they earn a living.

Maintaining a golf course with its ancillary facilities requires quite a large fund. To maintain its grass, lakes, dunes and club facilities to the international standards often requires competent and experience personnel especially when some of the club members are foreigners. Sometimes, it is very sad to see the state of Mechanical and Electrical equipment at the golf clubs which are poorly maintained and its operating conditions do not comply fully with the Statutory Requirement of the country. For example, more often than not that an electrical switch rooms are turned into sores to house used golf balls, furniture and sports equipment to be used during family days, etc. Even the competent person maintaining the club is fully aware of the requirement, he could not do anything as its the management prerogative. So, the status-quo will go on until something unexpected or unwanted happens.

I sometimes go to the SGR when there are assignment for me. I will normally go there to carry out Safety Inspection on the electrical installation or to carry out retesting and servicing works on the electrical system. So far, I have not even hold a golf club at the 500-meter Driving Range or bring my family to the Theme Park at the resort.

During a recent Safety Inspection to the rwsort, I managed to snap some photographs which could be shared with those who intend to go there to bring family members or to practise golf driving at the Driving Range.

Bottom RHS Picture : Switch Room used as store which is against
Electricity Regulations 1994 of Malaysia ...


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