Monday, 10 November 2008


Last Saturday, I took a flight from Senai International Airport (JHB) to LCCT, KLIA. I was a morning flight.
As the weather was fine, I managed to snap some photographs from the window of my Airbus 320 Air Asia plane which was flying at about 30,000 feet.
In contrasrt with my flight from LCCT to JHB last Thursday, this flight-path is just along the coast of the peninsular Malaysia. The plane passed a few towns but I could not recognise which they are (not like a few years back whereby the he pilot always told you which town that the plane was at, but today the pilot just keep the view and knowledge to him/herself.
However, I think I could make up one or two areas we flew by (like Blue Lagoon in PD).. I could not recognise the one with a bridge across a river ...
When the plane touched down at KLIA, I could recognised the Apron Control Tower (ACT). The Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) at this ACT control the movement of airplanes after they have landed and directed them to the designated bridge or apron.
The ATC at the Main Control Tower (MTC) control the in-bound and out-bound planes, directing them when to land at the designated runaway to avoid any untowards accidents.

The plane landed smoothly and Alhamdulillah, I had another lesson of Aerial Photography (Part II) ...

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