Thursday, 6 November 2008


This morning I took an Air Asia flight from LCCT, KLIA to Johor Bahru at 0755. The Airbus A300-200 was airborne at about 8.00 a.m and the steward informed us that the flight would take 45 minutes. As the plane was ascending through a thick morning air and patches of cloud, I noticed that there are some familiar features on the ground. I immediately took out my camera and started my aerial photography session which I used to do quite sometime ago during flights.
FYI, I did not attend any class on aerial photography but I could only guess that some of the features I observed from the sky are familiar. As the plane pierced through the clouds, I managed to snap some views using my Nikon SLR from my seat.

Append below are some of the photos I wish to share with those we visited my blog. Hope you would appreciate some of the aerial photographs from a beginner aerial photographer (Note : please click the photo to view a larger size).

Something that is worth mentioning is that we can feel how small and minute we are compared to other objects when we are up there in the sky so do we really think that we could go against the Creator Who has created all those items in and on the ground and in and above the sky ??
Subhanallah ...

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