Friday, 21 November 2008


After passing the Ayer Hitam toll both in Johore, I turned left towards Ayer Hitam town. I was on my way to UTHM, Batu Pahat to check the status of my projects there. To my surprise, there was a long queue of vehicles crawlling towards the town. It was already 12.25 p.m and I was just wondering whether I could reach UTHM mosque for the Friday Prayer.
As I was approaching Ayer Hitam main traffic light (Batu Pahat - Ayer Hitam - Kluang junction), there was a long trailer stuck beside the road divider with two or three vehicles partly smashed in an accident ... I was just wondering how such thing could happen and it is at a junction equipped with traffic lights ...
This is one of the biggest problems in Malaysia nowdays. With traffic lights equipped with digital timer, accidents still happen. To me, the attitude of road users is the culprit that has caused thousands of accidents. Patience and tolerances are mere words uttered by most people and very difficult to practise.

Looking at the conditions of the long haulage trailer and cars, one of the cause of the accident, I would guess anyway, is lack of patience, tolerance and consideration by one or all drivers involved in the accident. The pile-up not only caused the damage to their vehicles, it had also wasted hundreds of man-hours, releasing carbon monoxide to the idling vehicles (buses, lorries, cars and moto-cycles, etc.) and had delayed other road users to their respective destination...
Anybody has gain any benefit from the accident ?? Workshop owners?? May be :-))

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