Saturday, 1 November 2008


On the 29th. Syawal, 1429 (29-Okt-2008), the last day of Syawal, SAFF has invited fellow consultants, clients and neighbours to an open office Hari Raya celebration from 3p.m to 6 p.m. The invitation list, logistic, food and drinks were all arranged by the staff within a short 3 day-notice.

As it turned out to be, the guests who were able to made it to the party is much lower than expected. This is due to many open houses organised on the same day as it was the last day of Syawal and the last-minute invitation due to Monday's Deepavali holiday.
It was nevertheless a memorable events with some guest had turned out as early as 2 p.m. The open house was finally closed at about 7 p.m whereby all the remaining food was packed and distributed to the staff and neighbours.

I hopethe event was well-liked by the guests.
Here I would like to thank those who were able to make it and I would ask for forgiveness to those who had been offended by me directly or indirectly..

AF Kassim


sweetvalid said...

salam En.fuaad...

amboi meriahnya open house SAFF...rugi la saya tak ada..kalau ada lagi meriah kot..hehehe..selalu saya baca blog least dapt la jugak tau perkembangan SAFF..kurang2 boleh jugak tgk matahari naik@terbenam kat malaysia..cantik gambar2 En.Fuaad snap..

Shida said...

tulah kak manis.. tu nak dok malaysia.. tu baru tengok sedap je lom rasa, kalau rasa lagi sedappppppp tau especially rendang dan lemang.. memang sodapppp